​​Praise be to Allah who taught the pen, the science of man unless he knew, and Ahmadah Hamad Shakrin. Peace and blessings be upon his messenger, and upon his family and companions.
We welcome the visitors to the Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs website on the portal of the Northern Border University where the Agency is seeking to achieve the vision and mission of the university under continuous development to raise the level of academic services provided, Improve the educational process and follow up its progress, To work with colleges and support Deanships team spirit to achieve the desired goals of the University. The Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs primary concern is to create the right environment for the educational process by providing all material and human resources to provide a distinctive educational service, Moreover, the supervision of all academic facilities and their services in addition to attracting distinct facilities members specialized in various fields of expertise to meet the needs of academic programs with high efficiency. To provide academic programs as required by the development plans and labor market needs in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, By the development of plans and study programs, Preparation of manuals and models that achieve outstanding performance and coordination with the relevant authorities to organize workshops and training courses in the development of plans and programs of study. The agency is pleased with the participation of everyone by presenting their suggestions and observations to serve the educational process in this scientific edifice to achieve the aspirations and visions of our wise leadership, Allah save them.
We also thank the president of NBU for his endless support and guidance who leads us always to achieve the highest international quality standards in teaching and learning. In order to reach competitive educational outcomes in line with the comprehensive development plans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Allah grants success,,,
​Your brother Dr. Feras Mohammed AL-madani
Vice President for Academic Affairs