​The Vice Presidency Vision:
A leading educational environment that offers outstanding academic programs that meet quality requirements and the standards of academic accreditation.

The Vice Presidency Message:
To create an effective and supportive academic environment to provide excellent academic and training programs that meet the quality requirements and academic accreditation through continuous evaluation of the educational process, improvement in educational programs, raising the efficiency of performance and meeting the requirements of the community and the labor market.

The Vice Presidency Objectives:
• Continuous assessment and development of academic programs in accordance with the academic quality assurance and accreditation standards.
• Evaluating and reviewing the structure of the programs in the departments and developing them in order to raise the efficiency of the academic performance.
• Providing academic and training programs to suit the needs of the society and the requirements of the labor market.
• Improve the strategies and resources of teaching, learning and teaching methods to increase the efficiency of targeted educational outcomes.
• Developing methods of evaluating students to contribute to achieving justice and raising the efficiency of outputs.
• Provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment for academic and research creativity.
• Promote academic exchanges and partnerships with relevant institutions.
• Raise the level of student services.
• The achievement of positive communication between the university and the community, alumni and benefit from the feedback.
• Improving the level of admission and registration services.
• Attracting distinguished faculty members.
• Raising the abilities and skills of faculties and their members.
• Supporting academic programs to obtain academic credits from the relevant authorities.